The 4 Most Common Used Process Equipment Buying Myths

When you are seeking to buy used process equipment, you open up a number of doors for saving on significant costs when compared to purchasing the same equipment new. However, there are many people who find themselves deterred from purchasing secondhand equipment because of the broad spectrum of different myths that flood the industry.

Before you reject the opportunity to buy previously owned process equipment, it is a good idea to investigate some of those myths and make sure that you aren’t missing out on a considerable chance to save money as a result of false information. Making sure that you have your facts straight can save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The following are some of the most common myths, and the truths about those situations:

  1. Used process equipment is not guaranteed to work – The truth of the matter is that this varies from one dealer to the next. Therefore, while this may be the case with a shadier used equipment seller, if you select a reputable dealer, then you can be assured that the equipment will have undergone a number of different checks before it even made it into their stock to be sold. A good dealer will also offer you the opportunity to inspect the equipment before you make your purchase. If you are unable to visit the site, then request a video of the equipment, or have a third party visit the site on your behalf to perform an inspection and be certain that it is functioning as claimed.
  2. Spare parts aren’t sold for used process equipment – This is another myth, though this time, it is untrue in its entirety. At the same time, it remains widely believed. Spare parts can be sourced for any machine. If the OEM cannot obtain the necessary part, then it may be possible to find it from another used piece of equipment. You should also know that a good dealer will also have established solid relationships with engineering companies that will be able to create the parts based on the original unit drawings and specs.
  3. No documentation will be available in this type of sale – Here, the truth is that the majority of used process equipment still has its user manual as well as the relevant technical documentation. If the machine isn’t accompanied by this material, then the OEMs should be able to supply them, and a good dealer should be willing and capable of arranging this for you. It is not uncommon to discover that the manufacturer’s warranty still applies or that it is possible to purchase an extension of this warranty. A good dealer will also be willing and able to organize this on your behalf. Make certain that your dealer will give you the documentation regarding the previous processes and industries in which the equipment has operated. This is required information in order to be able to meet the 34E material handling requirements.
  4. Used process equipment is not up to the current legislation requirements – When it comes to very old equipment, this may be true. However, even in those cases, it is typically possible to modify the equipment in order to ensure compliance. The majority of dealers will be able to either work with the OEM or an engineering company to provide it, or will even offer you this service in-house.


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Business Owners: How to Stay On the Right Side of PUWER 1998

There’s no doubt that business owners are under much more stringent laws nowadays, with legislation such as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 being one of the most predominant in keeping workers safe. It means there is absolutely no hiding space for those businesses who require machinery for their day to day operations and strict requirements need to be abided by in a bid to stay on the right side of the law.

The nature of PUWER 1998 means that it cannot be covered through the scope of one guide; the fact there are fully fledged courses offering support to business owners on the legislation highlights its detail. Therefore, what this article intends to do is to take a look at the basic expectations that are placed on the shoulder of the dutyholder. By following this path, businesses should hopefully grasp just what they need to do to comply with the law through the operation of their machinery.

Expectation #1 – Check the machine’s condition

First and foremost, any machinery that is on the premises must be in a condition that makes it safe to use. It must be able to function exactly how the manufacturer intended, while all safety devices must not have been tampered with. Suffice to say, this means that any machinery that has not been used for a prolonged period of time needs to be tested by a qualified engineer to guarantee its safety.

Expectation #2 – Provide appropriate protection

The dutyholder should also ensure that all employees are provided with the necessary protection from a clothing point of view. Generally, these include the basic items like safety googles and shoes, although certain machinery may demand more specific pieces of safety equipment. The appropriate signage should also be erected to inform employees of the safety precautions that need to be taken.

Expectation #3 – Provide satisfactory training

PUWER 1998 also demands that anybody who is going to use the machinery has been trained accordingly. In some cases, the company themselves will need to provide this training, or even fund a formal qualification depending on the type of machinery in question.

Expectation #4 – Abide by the machinery instructions

This is something that isn’t really expected by the employer, although they can certainly facilitate it through the appropriate steps. The legislation requires that all machinery is operated in accordance with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. Obviously, this means that a lot bears on the employee, although the employer can make the instructions readily available as well as ensuring that all staff are operating the systems correctly.

In fact, a lot of the expectations mentioned above are actually targeted towards the employee. However, it’s also clear that the regulations are there to encourage employers to make safe working more accessible for their workers.

Future Of Electric Industry

What does the future of the electric business maintain? This is actually a query many have considered since the very first instance electrical energy had been utilized. However, in the previous, the idea that some thing could substitute fossil fuel, essential oil, and atomic forms of electricity production was considered more similar to the realm of science-fiction instead of science-fact. In recent times, however, the continuous improvement of alternative energy sources as well as the expansion of investment into this sector is actually environment the phase for brand new and revolutionary types of electricity manufacturing.

Amongst the most fascinating would be the growth in wind energy. The majority are below the presumption that photo voltaic is the long term for renewable alternate energy however based on the Edison Electric Start, it is wind power that has the greatest possible. For each Edison, power generated by wind includes “approximately [one third] of the nation’s non-hydro renewable energy.” There are definitely difficulties related to installing and installation wind generators however current improvements in to smaller size generators may show the perfect means of overcoming those obstacles.

The Brand new York Times did explain which the long term of solar and blowing wind produced electrical power may really well hinge on ongoing federal aid. This kind of assessment might be a little pessimistic. If photo voltaic and blowing wind power proves efficient, dependable, and less costly, after that the consumer demand for these types of alternate energy resources will skyrocket. Which means these people will be highly profitable and never in require of any kind of financial assistance.

Not every changes in the world of electrical power are dramatic. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Excited About Automotive Industry News

People associated with the cars need to stay up-to-date with the automotive industry news. Doing so ensures a cutting edge understanding of the technology, designs, and trends that bring about a greater success for the industry along with a less expensive for the customer.

The first line of defense when something goes completely wrong with your car is your trusted mechanic. Your mechanic probably maintains with the latest news concerning the automotive industry, not just because it is his livelihood, but while he knows that doing so will bring him greater success. An auto mechanic must be well informed to be able to perform maintenance on the latest models and new technologies found in them.

The new technologies often originate from prototypes or concept cars. These prototypes are to the automotive industry what the bikini edition would be to Sports Illustrated. It is the sexiest and many anticipated event of the year. Manufacturers get to show off their new designs and concepts for the future of the industry. Often times you’ll find both designer and general car enthusiasts that line the walls of the annual Detroit Auto Show or similar ones throughout the world. Sometimes these cars set happens for upcoming cars such as the Chevrolet Volt, which has new “green” technologies that have been implemented in new and upcoming cars.

Along with designer and enthusiasts being at these trade shows, you will find inventors and entrepreneurs. These are the people who often times find ways to implement new technologies in a way that could be delivered to the general public. Read the rest of this entry »

Industry Machinery For Woodworking: Make Your Work Easier

Companies are always looking for the perfect method to manufacture or make products the simpler way. There are new systems developed to make sure that entire processes work well and products are of good quality. This will make it necessary for search for good woodworking machinery for the industrial needs. Many reasons exist why other firms choose to switch in one supplier to another. One good reason is information mill looking for exceptional quality and efficiency in most products. Businesses have different needs and choosing the best means to fix their problems is the greatest method of doing so. Choosing the very best industrial machine equipment avoids the delay of service and may provide accuracy and consistency. All industries have different quality standards and producing high end equipment would be the best bet for businesses.Several Functions of Woodworking Machinery:

There are many products employed for woodworking which are thought by major companies. Industrial machinery has been around for years and it keeps the service more effective. The pc Numerical Controlled (CNC) router is a machine run with a software program that manages efficiency in cutting metal, wood or even plastic. The benefit of these is that they control the performance making everything easier for the manufacturers and end users. New generation routers only have buttons to press on a computer that automatically runs the machine. This was designed to cut various kinds of wood based on the preferences from the consumer. One good thing about them is they manage the movement. Routers will also be perfect for other people who have different interests. Whether it is your passion or hobby, routers used for cutting may have a huge edge over typical machines, and that is innovation.

Another feature of commercial machine equipment is that an individual can produce different sizes and shapes with respect to the need. Lots of industries prefer this kind of router since its functions are simpler to understand and you get faster results. There’s also non-computer based ones that mainly control the movement utilizing a pedal. This can help users contain the wood and stop it from falling in case accidents happen. Read the rest of this entry »

The Conventional Measurement Equipment

Make sure measurement equipment are available in a range of shapes, sizes, prices and complicated features, however, have you ever taken a moment to think about the more conventional ways of measuring, which you can do in your own house, or perhaps in your own back yard, without spending tons of money on? Sometimes the best answers are the simplest ones, which is exactly why I’ll focus purely on conventional means of measurement. If this article does not make you happy, you can always go for some used electronic test equipment. It is still cheaper and it will not have you do anything except press a control button.

Tools that are normally used to measure volume, are usually used for smaller quantities. As the amount of material designated to be measured however increases, it becomes more efficient to measure mass. In cooking, most of the common measuring tools are wet and dry measuring cups. Wet measuring cups could be used to measure liquids in general, such as water or milk, and dry measuring cups can be used to measure ingredients, such as flour and sugar. So the first tool that enters the complicated list of conventional measurement equipment is the cup. If you wish to be precise, play one cup, if you would like quantity, then use more.

Length is a true measurement issue and has to become mastered by many homeowners. The list of conventional measurement equipment continues here in a grand manner, with you utilize a ruler to measure length. Yes, a ruler is a conventional oral appliance has been utilized for hundreds if nor thousands of years. Read the rest of this entry »

Electrical Construction Safety

Most electric-related accidents and injuries occur as a result of water current within and around the building website exactly where electric gear and line is being used and labored on. One of the greatest steps you can take to reduce electric shock and electric injury would be to work to avoid water through coming into connection with electrical equipment and lines.Buildings workers ought to, in general, physical exercise extreme care at all times whenever using any and all types of electrical equipment, for example sections, lighting fixtures, alarm systems, computers, transformers, conduit, and 4 way stop containers, amongst others–particularly whenever close to sources of drinking water. Building employees also needs to take the time for you to familiarize themselves along with the construction site and all items of electrical equipment and place any kind of possible electric hazards in the site before they get to operate, as well as to identify any electric gear that could turn out to be broken via the make use of of numerous moist methods of elimination.It’s also important to “de-energize” all electric gear around it can be likely carried out. Use non-electrical options wherever you can. For example, make use of transportable floodlight methods for lights, and use vacuum cleaner attachments and scrapers constructed of plastic, rubberized, or wooden rather of metal or any other conductive materials. When working with electricity, maintain building safety by wearing protective gear, which in this case consists of insulated rubber boots and protected rubberized gloves. Read the rest of this entry »